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Naming “Ally Bank”

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Hi. We’re Tanj. 

We create little bits of language

– names, taglines, stories and copy –

that have a big impact on your brand.

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Brand Naming

We make the hottest, most viable names around.

Brand Stories

We reveal the true story behind your brand.

Brand Voice

We craft a unique, consistent tone of voice.


We write sweet copy – you get the good stuff.

We keep good company, like these great brands.


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Name Review: Smith & Forge

It’s pretty much a requirement to order a cold alcoholic beverage at a ball game, and according to national tradition, said beverage is usually a beer. But when I went to my first Major League game of the season a couple weeks ago, there was prominent advertising and...

Duality & Medical Device Naming

Naming is always tough. But naming medical devices – especially ones that touch, cut, push, pull or mend the body – is about as tough as it gets. We work in this sector regularly (see PentaPoint and a pending case study for Teleflex), and have realized that smart...

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